Multimedia Kiosks

Desktop Kiosk

Suppliers of multimedia kiosk solutions to the leisure and retail sectors

Multimedia Kiosks are performing a wide range of valuable services to the public in an increasing number of ways.

We can offer a kiosk system to suit most applications and have experience in providing bespoke solutions to businesses including hotels, galleries, estate agents, exhibition organisers and other businesses in the retail / leisure sector.

Our range provides a fully interactive, rich, multimedia experience with bright, dynamic touchscreen displays - ideal for advertising, information display, retail, point of sale etc.

Our latest range of touchscreen kiosks all support the use of secondary, auxiliary screens for advertising and information display.

We now offer kiosk support contracts care of myriad digital - our sister company

Whether a busy retail outlet or an exhibition stand, a plasma display can work for you, reinforcing your name and logo and displaying your products in full brilliant colour.

Touchscreen multimedia in a compact housing - our desktop kiosk is a real winner

This attractive desktop touchscreen Kiosk, of compact design, includes a fully integrated open architecture PC constructed using non-proprietary components £2,493.75 + VAT

Kiosk news from around the world. Come and see how other companies are using latest technology to power their retail markets. From cars to videos, voting to airport security, kiosks ARE working hard in the public arena . . MORE NEWS